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Leah Tolton

My daughter came to the Centre for Literacy as a reluctant reader and a poor speller, newly assessed with a learning disorder.  She was several grade levels behind in reading when she started tutoring.  She has now caught up to her class, reads for pleasure and writes stories in her spare time.  She is less self-conscious reading aloud and has presented to her class on the effects of learning disorders.  The Centre has also provided me as a parent with deeper understanding of learning disorders and of my role as an advocate for my daughter.  My daughter’s life has been changed by what we learned at the Centre.

Kim Anderson Galarneau

I can’t say enough good things about the Centre for Literacy; they are fantastic! My son has a couple of learning disorders and has been attending sessions at the Centre since July 2015. The tutoring he has received in Language Arts has been excellent. It is making such a difference in his comprehension and attitude towards learning.

The staff are extremely caring and dedicated to helping the students learn in a way that not only suits them, but is interesting and fun. Barb is such a wonderful, attentive instructor; the devotion she has for her students is outstanding! The owner, Kathryn, is an amazing woman. She is incredibly devoted to supporting students learning and helping parents to advocate for their children’s needs. 

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend the Centre for Literacy to anyone who has concerns about their children’s learning!