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Centre For Literacy

Helping students of all ages overcome learning difficulties.

One on One
Remote Support

The Centre provides one on one support to students with learning disabilities/disorders in reading, writing and mathematics.

Individualized Programming

Each student has a teacher 

that will individualize the support to target your child’s specific learning needs/goals



Our teachers hold a B.Ed Degree or are in their third+ year of 

University on route to becoming a certified teacher


Reading, Writing & Math Assessments

At the Centre, we offer reading, writing and math assessments to better target and understand your child’s individual learning needs


Our Beliefs

At the Centre, we believe that everyone is capable of learning and maximizing their potential. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. We value the diversity of our clients and staff. The way each of us learns is complex. There is no magic fix or pill to eliminate learning challenges. However, there is a large tool chest of strategies informed by sound scientific research.

At the Centre, our staff are entrusted to support people with learning challenges. That trust is accompanied by a responsibility to do our absolute best.

An Overview

About the Centre

The Centre For Literacy is located in Edmonton, Alberta. It was established in 1991 and has a proud history of serving as Edmonton's premier agency to help students with learning disabilities overcome barriers to learning. The Centre's major activities is supporting students to overcome difficulties in reading, writing and mathematics. Strategies or approaches used are evidence based or evidence informed; they have been assessed as effective through peer reviewed evaluation. The Centre also seeks to empower parents and caregivers through information sessions on a variety of topics. Teachers and other professionals benefit from a variety of professional development programs offered by the Centre. The Centre now offers remote learning support to students/adults across Canada!


Happy Students


Teaching Staff

Our Clients

The Centre serves many diverse clients:

  • Students of all ages and adults experiencing learning difficulties
  • Parents/caregivers seeking assessments or information about learning disabilities/difficulties
  • Professionals seeking to learn more about learning disorders/disabilities
  • Students do not need to be formally coded or diagnosed with a learning disability to obtain support at the Centre For Literacy

We are always accepting new students!

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Our son, who has ADHD and dyslexia, has been attending Centre for Literacy since 2019. We were referred by a psychologist post psych/educational assessment. Our son’s teachers, Shani and Kelsey, are incredibly patient and are very knowledgeable in dealing with children who have learning disabilities. We feel blessed to have both of them assist with my son’s reading, writing, and math difficulties. The centre has been supportive and a fabulous resource especially since we have had little support within the school system. Kathryn, the owner of the centre, is kind and has empathy for all parents which is refreshing. We recommend Centre for Literacy to all parents whose children struggle with learning disabilities. The teachers and the support staff are all top notch!

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Centre for Literacy to anyone who has concerns about their children's learning!"

"My daughter came to the Centre for Literacy as a reluctant reader and a poor speller, newly assessed with a learning disorder.  She was several grade levels behind in reading when she started tutoring.  She has now caught up to her class, reads for pleasure and writes stories in her spare time.  She is less self-conscious reading aloud and has presented to her class on the effects of learning disorders.  The Centre has also provided me as a parent with deeper understanding of learning disorders and of my role as an advocate for my daughter.  My daughter’s life has been changed by what we learned at the Centre."
"I can't say enough good things about the Centre for Literacy; they are fantastic! My son has a couple of learning disorders and has been attending sessions at the Centre since July 2015. The tutoring he has received in Language Arts has been excellent. It is making such a difference in his comprehension and attitude towards learning.

The staff are extremely caring and dedicated to helping the students learn in a way that not only suits them, but is interesting and fun. Barb is such a wonderful, attentive instructor; the devotion she has for her students is outstanding! The owner, Kathryn, is an amazing woman. She is incredibly devoted to supporting students learning and helping parents to advocate for their children's needs!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Centre for Literacy to anyone who has concerns about their children's learning!"

“My child has been attending the Centre for Literacy for over 8 years and has benefitted immeasurably from his work with the teachers. Along with his twin brother, the support he’s received has allowed him to succeed in school and life. He’s moved from constant anxiety in grade 2 to being a confident honours student in grade 10”