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Helping students of all ages overcome learning difficulties.

Every student can reach their potential in reading, writing and math.

The Centre For Literacy offers one-to-one learning support to students who struggle with skills in reading, comprehension, writing and math. Support is fully individualized to meet the needs of each unique student using evidence-based strategies. The Centre uses a structured approach to literacy informed by the Science of Reading. Structured literacy has proven to be very effective for teaching all students, including those with dyslexia.The Centre uses a specially designed math remediation progression to complement area school curriculum.

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Success Stories

Teachers and support staff are top notch

"We recommend the Centre for Literacy to all parents whose children struggle with learning disabilities. The teachers and the support staff are all top notch!
Our son, who has ADHD and dyslexia, has been attending the Centre for Literacy since 2019. We were referred by a psychologist post psych/educational assessment.
Our son’s teachers are incredibly patient and are very knowledgeable in dealing with children who have learning disabilities.
We feel blessed to have both of them assist with my son’s reading, writing, and math difficulties.
The Centre has been supportive and a fabulous resource especially since we have had little support within the school system."

Building confidence

"This is Olympic-level coaching. Thank you!"

"We wanted to thank you for all of your hard work and dedication in supporting our son. You have been such a tremendous help. He has made great gains in reading and his self-confidence."

 "My daughter had a quiz on Tuesday in Science and was very happy as the information she went over with you was what the quiz mostly covered. It was so great to hear that confidence in herself coming through. I just wanted to say 'thank you'! I know it won't always happen this way, but that belief in herself that she could do it meant so much."
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It is making such a difference in my son's comprehension and attitude towards learning

"I can't say enough good things about the Centre for Literacy; they are fantastic! My son has a couple of learning disorders and has been attending sessions at the Centre since July 2015.
The tutoring he has received in Language Arts has been excellent. It is making such a difference in his comprehension and attitude towards learning.

The staff are extremely caring and dedicated to helping the students learn in a way that not only suits them, but is interesting and fun. Their teacher is such a wonderful, attentive instructor; the devotion she has for her students is outstanding!
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Centre for Literacy to anyone who has concerns about their children's learning!"