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Study Skills

Online Workshops for School Success

Session #1 
Tips for Preparing for Exams

Dates Coming Soon: 1-2 PM Online

In this online interactive session, students learn how to ‘go into training’ and build their strategy toolbox in advance of tests and assessments.

Required Resources: 

Google Classroom or BrightSpace login and password are required, as participants will refer to these resources during the workshop to inventory information provided by teachers as part of determining strategies appropriate to classroom expectations, demands, and resources (i.e. vocabulary lists, study guides, sample tests, class outlines, etc.)


Course Objectives:

1. Participants will learn how to build a study schedule & stock their strategy toolbox to prepare for quizzes, tests, midterms, and finals:

(a) How to develop strategies to prepare before they start selecting dates and times to study (inventory information and self-knowledge)

(b) How to develop strategies to use during establishment of a study schedule (what to study, how to study it, what resources to use)

(c) How to develop strategies to use after completing a study schedule (Getting study sessions started. Who is your team? What are their roles? What is your backup strategy? Get Ready, Do, Done, Do Done/Get Done)

Session #2 
Tips for Taking Exams

Dates Coming Soon: 3-4 PM Online

In this online interactive session, students learn how to go into ‘performance mode’ with the tools that work best for them to take tests and quizzes.

Required Resources: 

*Students will need at least 2 samples of completed and marked quizzes or tests in electronic and/or hard copy. 

We anticipate that some participants may access information for these activities through their Google Classroom/BrightSpace accounts. Information from students’ quizzes and tests will be used during the workshop as resources for each student to individually identify skills and strategies already employed and to foster further development. No sharing of marks or comments is required in the workshop setting. This information will be accessed only by the students themselves to help inform their personal decision-making.


Course Objectives:

1. Participants will develop strategies to warm up for tests 

(a) Survey to use the test format to your advantage – Weight? Length? Time? Number of questions? Multiple choice? Short answer? Essay? Easiest? Hardest? Longest? Shortest?

(b) Make an exam action plan.

(c) Use strengths and preferences to decide which questions to complete in what order and which organizational strategies to use.

2. Participants will learn how to develop strategies for the work during tests

(a) PIMEM (self-monitoring strategy)

(b) Create and consistently use own systems

(c) Practice Information retrieval to avoid distractor options in multiple choice 

(d) Leverage organizational strategies to complete essay and long answer questions efficiently and effectively

3. Learn how to develop ‘cool down’ strategies after tests to analyze feedback, marks, and personal strategies 

Student Studying with Books and Computer

Who Should Attend?

These workshops are targeted at high school students hoping to train for better school success. 


Junior high school students and post-secondary students are welcome to register, as are other members of teaching teams (parents, caregivers, learning coaches).

Single Sessions $65/each. Both Sessions $120.


Registration Opening Soon!