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Word Nerd Card Games

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About Word Nerds

The popular Word Nerd Card Games were created by Terry Dobson and Heather Baptie, Master’s prepared reading specialists with decades of experience working with struggling readers.  Terry and Heather jointly run and operate Links 2 Learning Online. The Word Nerd Card Games are:

  • Fun, engaging games to help students master the essential high frequency (Dolch/Fry) words that account for up to 75% of the words we read.
  • Easily integrated into any school or home reading program.
  • Similar to old family favourites like Crazy Eights, Go Fish and Memory so Word Nerds of all ages can join in the fun.
  • Printed in open dyslexic font.  The letters are bottom heavy and have unique character shapes to increase readability and reduce letter confusion for readers with dyslexia.

How to Purchase

Cards can be purchased as individual decks for $15 each. The entire Word Thief Series of 6 card games may be purchased for $75. The entire set of 10 Word Nerd card decks may be purchased for $125. All prices are in Canadian dollars, and are subject to GST.

Contact the Centre for Literacy at 780-434-3698 or info@Centre4Literacy.com. Payment may be made over the phone or via e-Transfer.

Word Thief Card Games: What Level is Best?

The card games increase in difficulty from Pre Primer to Third. If you are uncertain what level is best for your child or student, download the lists of words for each card game and follow the steps below to determine their perfect reading level!

  1. Starting with the Pre Primer level, ask the student to read each word aloud.
  2. Mark a word as correct if a student is able to read it accurately, in 3 seconds or less.
  3. Begin playing the game at a level where a student knows at least 30 of the words.
  4. Cards from different levels can be mixed together to create a custom deck of cards with the words a student needs to master.

Instructions on how to play are included in each Word Thief or Word Nerd Game. However, there are many different ways to play the Word Thief games.

Word Lists for Word Thief Card Games