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Learners Licence Prep Kits

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Many students (and individuals for whom English is a second language) struggle with how to study all the information in the Driver’s Handbook and the Discover Canada Guide. When they fail the test, it is hard on their self-esteem, it is expensive and, in some cases, it interferes with their livelihood.

The Prep Kits are a series of study cards that summarize the Driver’s Handbook and Discover Canada Guide into smaller more manageable units of information.

The cards allow people to create an “I know it” pile and “I don’t know it” pile. This shows them how well they know the information. Because people tend to keep reviewing what they already know and ignore what they don’t know, the cards eliminate this problem and provide individuals with a clear idea of when they are ready to take the test.

In addition to a condensed format for ease of learning, the Prep Kits have:

  • Study Tips
  • Definitions and explanations of unfamiliar terms
  • Clear graphics
  • Colour-coded sections

On-line multiple choice tests are good for testing knowledge, but are not the most effective way to learn the material. The cards are created so that people are able to recall the information rather than just recognize correct information. This results in better understanding of material and safer drivers.

All proceeds from the sales of Learner’s Prep Kits in Alberta fund the Right to Read Project of the Learning Disabilities Association of Alberta.

Purchase the Prep Kit

Prep Kits may be purchased at the Centre for Literacy for $20 plus GST. They are also available for sale at conferences and conventions where the Centre for Literacy is present as an exhibitor.

Prep Kits may be purchased at several independent Registry agents across Alberta. Click here for information about a Registry Agent in your community. Because the Prep Kits are produced and sold to support the efforts of the Right to Read Project, and are available at Registry Agents throughout Alberta, we do not accept orders to ship Prep Kits. We suggest interested individuals purchase the kits in their local communities. If there is no agent locally, we are happy to accept ship. Contact us at 780-434-3698 or email us at info@centre4literacy.com.