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Study Skills & Exam Strategies

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Program Description and Objectives

The Study Skills and Exam Strategies Workshops are split into two sessions held over two evenings, normally a week apart.

The first session is on Study Skills. A secret to doing well at school is working smarter. In the first session, strategies will be provided on how to:

  • Uncover and capitalize on learning styles
  • Manage time like a pro
  • Get and stay organized
  • Create a plan to stay on top of work
  • Take notes that make sense
  • Remember what has been studied

The second session is on Exam Strategies and is all about preparing for and taking exams. For many students, exam outcomes may not reflect how well they know a subject area. Students may “get” the subject matter, perform very well on class assignments, but score significantly lower on exams. In this session, strategies will be provided on how to:

  • Study for exams
  • Manage exam anxiety and use it to advantage
  • Figure out what is important to study
  • Make the most out of multiple choice exams, essays, short answers or other types of exams
  • Use exam banks and practice exams effectively

Target Population

The Study Skills and Exam Strategies workshops will be of interest to students in junior and senior high or those at the post-secondary levels. The sessions are particularly valuable for students with learning disabilities, attention and organizational issues. However, the workshops will be of benefit to all learners.


Registration fee: $90 (+GST) is due upon confirmation of workshop date/time. This includes a 90 minute group session and a 30 minute 1-1 follow up coaching session to integrate strategies covered during the workshop into your child’s academic realities.