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Word Play

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Program Description and Objectives

Word Play is an early intervention program for students in Grade 1 or 2 who may be at risk for reading problems. Word Play is also useful for students who might benefit from a review of foundational reading skills. Using play-based activities, Word Play is designed to enhance vocabulary and build phonological and phonemic awareness. Word Play is divided into two levels. Children who struggle with learning the alphabet and the sounds it makes should enroll in Word Play 1. Children who know their letters and sounds and can separate words into syllables should be enrolled in Word Play 2. If students are more immature than their peers, they are likely best placed in Word Play 1.

Target Population

The target population for Word Play is Grade 1 or 2 students for whom any of the following apply:

  • Are at risk for reading problems
  • Are delayed in recognizing letters and the sounds they make
  • Have had speech language delays or speech therapy as preschoolers
  • Are unable to recognize or generate rhymes
  • Parents are concerned they are delayed in gaining early reading skills

Program Staff and Size

Word Play is staffed by a teacher and program assistant.The maximum number of participants is 10 to 12 students resulting in an adult-child ratio of 1 to 6.


Word Play 1 and 2 is comprised of 8 Р1 hour sessions. Word Play is offered at various times during the summer and throughout the school year. Our calendar of events may be accessed for information about scheduled Word Play programs and other sessions designed for students, parents and the public.

Please Note: Word Play is put on hold due to COVID-19. Please check back for future dates.


The cost for the full 8 sessions is $300. GST will be added to the fee. A $50 deposit is required upon registration to hold a spot.


Contact the Centre for Literacy at 780-434-3698. Registration can be taken over the phone. Fees for Word Play can be prorated and added to monthly invoices for existing Centre for Literacy clients.