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Study Skills for Grade 6 Students

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Program Description and Objectives

Grade 6 is a time of transition for many students. It is the final year of Elementary School. The purpose of this session is to help Grade 6 students build study skills and maximize their success in preparation for the transition to Junior High School.

In this session, strategies will be provided on how to:

  • Uncover and capitalize on learning styles
  • Manage time like a pro
  • Get and stay organized
  • Create a plan to stay on top of work
  • Take notes that make sense
  • Remember what has been studied
  • Study for exams
  • Figure out what is important to study

All students will be provided with a take away booklet.

Target Population

Students currently in Grade 6. The seminar will be particularly valuable to those with learning disabilities, attention and organizational issues. However, the workshops will be of benefit to all learners.


Study Skills for Grade 6 Students is held at various times throughout the year.  Our calendar of events may be accessed for information about scheduled Study Skills for Grade 6 Students and other sessions designed for students, parents and the public.


$40 for both sessions. GST will be added to the fee.


Contact the Centre for Literacy at 780-434-3698. Registration can be taken over the phone. Fees for the Study Skills for Grade 6 Students can be added to monthly invoices of existing Centre for Literacy clients. If two people register and pay at the same time, there is a 5% reduction.