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To support intervention and monitor progress

Assessments are done remotely and support students across Canada, and Canadians abroad.

The initial fee includes a debriefing with parents/caregivers. A detailed Tabular Summary of Results is also produced which can be shared with teachers or school administrations. The FAR, FAM and FAW are re-administered as part of a process of regular progress monitoring. Progress monitoring can be conducted during a student's regular appointments at no additional charge.

The Centre for Literacy conducts assessments to inform the creation of a robust plan for support. If a student is referred to the Centre without any previous assessments or those assessments are out of date, an initial baseline review will be conducted to gain an understanding about a student's reading, writing or math skills, depending upon the reason for the referral. This assessment will be repeated at periodic intervals during the time a student attends the Centre for Literacy.

The Centre uses the Feifer Assessments of Reading, Writing, and Math.

Student learning via textbook and computer