Services Offered By the Centre

One on One

One on one remediation is customized support for students who struggle with foundational skills in reading, comprehension, writing and mathematics. Support is fully individualized to meet the needs of each unique student, using evidence based and evidence informed strategies. Reading support is aligned to the findings of the National Reading Panel.


The Centre for Literacy offers extensive professional development sessions.

Assessment to Support Intervention

The Centre for Literacy conducts assessments to inform the creation of a robust plan for support. If a student is referred to the Centre without any previous assessments of those assessments are aged, an initial baseline review will be conducted to gain an understanding about a student's reading, writing or mathematics skills, depending upon the reason for the referral. This assessment will be repeated at periodic intervals during the time a student attends the Centre for literacy. The Centre uses the Feifer Assessments of Reading, Writing and Math.