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Technical Requirements


  • Access to the Internet: Units of Sound is a cloud based program. Reliable access to the Internet is required.
  • Adobe Flash. It is highly recommended that the most recent version of Flash (V 16) be used. Flash can be obtained here.
  • Headset with Microphone: Units of Sound requires users to record some¬†answers. A headset with a microphone is required.

Optimizing the Units of Sound Experience

  • Reliable Internet Service. If a signal is variable, it will impact the functionality of Units of Sound. Pages will load slowly, and functionality will be impacted. Download speed is the most important; recorded voice files are saved temporarily and are not uploaded.
  • Comfortable Headset with a Boom Microphone. It is recommended that users acquire a comfortable headset that will be sturdy enough to be used daily, particularly if the user is a younger student. An adjustable boom microphone is recommended over an ear buds headset with a built in microphone.
  • Keyboard if a Tablet is Being Used. Some users may access the program via a tablet. If this is the case, it is highly recommended that the tablet be paired with a keyboard. Tablets must also be capable of running Flash.

There are many resources and check lists for technicians that can be accessed at Help once a subscriber has logged into Units of Sound.