Units of Sound

units-of-sound-working-logo croppedUnits of Sound is now available in Alberta!

The Centre for Literacy is excited to be able to offer Units of Sound.

Units of Sound is a cloud based reading remediation program. It is designed for people who struggle with reading and is also useful for individuals who are English Language learners. Because of the structure of Units of Sound, users benefit from having access to content that would normally be provided by trained reading specialists.

Units of Sound enables more people to get the help they need to become more effective readers. It also enables reading specialists to extend their reach to help more students.

Who will benefit from Units of Sound?

  • Students aged 8 and older who struggle with letter sound correspondence.
  • Youth in middle and high school who wish to work privately to overcome their literacy difficulties.
  • Students in classrooms who require additional support or pull outs but where teachers do not have specialized training in reading remediation or where one on one instruction is impractical.
  • Adults who struggle with literacy because of learning disabilities or other barriers to learning.
  • Students with language based learning disabilities who struggle with working memory and need frequent reinforcement to improve automatic recall.
  • English language learners.


  • Cloud based: Accessible anytime and anywhere
  • Private: Students have private logins and passwords
  • Remote Support Potential: Supporting practitioners can follow student progress remotely
  • Research Based: Informed by extensive reading remediation research
  • Content Rich: Reinforces reading remediation strategies. Suitable for use by teachers and practitioners who may not be reading specialists
  • Placement: Recognizes that students are normally at different levels in reading and spelling
  • Self Paced: Students progress at their own pace to increasingly more complex levels
  • Supports Independent Learning: Reinforces active learning skills through independent study
  • Structured Review: The program reinforces and reviews key concepts
  • Comprehensive: Structured and progressive intervention that reinforces the five major areas of literacy identified by the National Reading Panel
  • Affordable: Priced for maximum accessibility

About Units of Sound

Units of Sound was originally created for Dyslexia Action in the United Kingdom by Walter Bramley, a reading specialist with expertise in a number of reading remediation programs. Bramley drew upon the extensive understanding he gained from teaching students with reading problems to create Units of Sound. One of his primary objectives was to create a program that was …

Obtain Units of Sound

The Centre for Literacy is the sole distributor of Units of Sound in Alberta. Units of Sound is now available to be purchased for use by individual families and with multi-user site licences. Contact the Centre for Literacy to obtain Units of Sound at 780-434-3698 or email at info@Centre4Literacy.com. Click on this link for Units …

Price List

Units of Sound Cloud Based Literacy Software   Plan Cost Individual Users   Single User (1 Year licence) $169 per year Practitioner Trainer Course) $100 per user     Site and Multiple User Plans   5 users (3 year licence) $750 25 users (3 year licence) $1250 50 users (3 year licence) $2000 100 users …

Promotional Video

Units of Sound Video Trailer

Technical Requirements

Requirements Access to the Internet: Units of Sound is a cloud based program. Reliable access to the Internet is required. Adobe Flash. It is highly recommended that the most recent version of Flash (V 16) be used. Flash can be obtained here. Headset with Microphone: Units of Sound requires users to record some answers. A headset …