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Reading & Writing

Frustrated Student WritingThe Centre for Literacy uses a clinical approach to support students of all ages who struggle with reading, writing, spelling and comprehension.

Interventions (or teaching methods) used by the Centre are well-researched and effective. Programs are multi-sensory. This means they engage the student. It also means the student uses many different parts of their brain during the learning process. This reinforces or supports the learning that is taking place and helps the student to be successful.

Programs are tailored or customized to address the needs of each student, depending upon his or her strengths and learning challenges.

One-on-one expert instruction is provided. Research shows it has the greatest impact for students who struggle with language. As a student progresses and if in the opinion of the teacher and parent the student is ready, support may be provided in small groups of two or three.

The Centre is a safe place. It is a caring and nurturing environment which aims to make students comfortable to address their learning challenges and to celebrate their achievements.

The Centre can benefit students who: 

  • Have been “coded” by the School system as having a language based learning disability (dyslexia, reading disability, etc.).
  • Struggle with reading, writing, spelling or comprehension but have not been formally assessed by the school system as having special needs.
  • Have previously received support for language based learning disabilities but who have begun to fall behind in school and are losing confidence.
  • Unexpectedly underachieve at school or only achieve with an extraordinary amount of effort.