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Individualized instruction to support students with math disabilities (dyscalculia or calculexia) has begun at the Centre on a limited basis.

Schoolboy Struggling with Math ProblemsInstruction is:

  • Customized to meet a student’s individualized strengths and learning challenges
  • Utilizes well researched and effective interventions provided by highly qualified instructors
  • Offered in a nurturing and caring environment


The Centre can benefit students who: 

  • Have been “coded” by the School system as having a learning disability
  • Continuously struggle with mathematics and mathematical concepts, but have not been identified by the school system as having special needs.
  • Unexpectedly underachieve with mathematics or only achieve with an extraordinary amount of effort.
  • Have continuously struggled with mathematics and mathematical concepts and whose difficulties have been made greater because of illness or absence from school

Preference for support at the Centre will be given to students whose challenge with mathematics appears to be prolonged and neurological, rather than for students who struggle simply because they have missed a great deal of school.