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Home Schooling Program

Home Schooling Students with Exceptional Learning Needs

Home Schooling PictureSome parents elect to home school because the academic and social needs of their exceptional child are not being effectively addressed in a traditional school environment.

The exceptional needs of these home schooled students may be caused by language or math based learning disabilities or difficulties.

Support at the Centre for Literacy

The CentreĀ for Literacy works with home schooling parents to help them identify learning needs that arise from language or math based learning disabilities/difficulties. Centre staff work with parents to plan lessons and support based on well researched interventions which have proven effective for students who struggle with reading, writing, language comprehension or math.

Services for Home Schooled Students

  • Diagnostic assessments to identify the nature of reading or writing difficulties
  • Weekly lessons of 60-90 minutes duration with Centre Staff. Lessons are individualized to meet the unique learning needs of a student in the areas of reading, writing, comprehension or math
  • Weekly consultation with home schooling parent to provide guidance, lesson plan and activity suggestions for the period between Centre lessons
  • Access to an extensive resource library on exceptional learning needs

Frequently Asked Questions about Support for Home Schooled Students

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Getting Started

Contact us at the Centre for Literacy to discuss customized options to meet your unique needs as a family.

FAQs – Home Schooling Supports

FAQs for Parents Home ProgramĀ – Download and Print How does the Home Schooling Program Work? The Centre works with parents to customize a plan designed to meet the unique needs of a family. A typical approach is for a child to come to the Centre once per week for a one-on-one session with a teacher. …