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Confident BusinesswomanThe Centre for Literacy – Can I refer my clients directly to the Centre?

Yes. We welcome referrals of any type. Ultimately, however, parents or adults seeking support, will need to contact us to set up an intake appointment.

Do you have information / pamphlets about the Centre that we can use to give to parents?

Please feel free to refer parents to this website for information. We are also developing a new parent brochure which, when finalized, can be downloaded directly from this site. You are also welcome to download our most recent Flyer for Principals, Teachers and Psychologists in the Edmonton area that discusses our Summer 2013 programming.

I am in the process of completing a report on testing I have completed. Can I refer a client before that report is completed?

Yes. We can get the process started. However, in order to better plan for a student’s needs, we will ultimately benefit from your written report.

Do you need a full psycho-educational assessment. I primarily focus on just doing the cognitive tests.

Reports on cognitive testing provide valuable information. Centre staff are able to complement the cognitive test results with academic testing/assessments.

Can you keep me updated about Centre activities?

Most certainly! Please email us and we will add you to our distribution list!