Building Executive Function Skills

The Centre for Literacy is pleased to offer a ten week program for students aged 8 to 11 to support the development of critical executive function skills. Unstuck and On-Target, an evidence based program to improve executive function skills in children, will be used.

Poster – Executive Function Skills (PDF)


Session 1—Fall: Saturdays, September 24th to November 26th, 11 am to 12 pm

Session 2—Winter: Saturdays, January 4th to April 8th, 11 am to 12 pm

Cost: $630. A non-refundable fee of $100 is due upon registration.

Number of Participants: The program will be capped at 10 students.

Registration: Call to register at 780-434-3698. Payment can be taken over the phone or added to existing client invoices.

FSCD Eligible: The Centre has been advised this program is eligible for reimbursement through FSCD, however, the Centre cannot guarantee FSCD reimbursement.

Parent Orientation Meeting: Parents of children in the program are asked to attend a Parent Orientation meeting.  The date of the meeting will be confirmed upon registration.

Pre-Session Interviews and Assessments: All parents will be required to complete a pre and post session survey on the child’s executive function skills. The pre-session survey will be distributed to parents at the Parent Orientation Meeting. The post-session survey will be distributed to parents at the final class.

Venue: Sessions will  be held at the Centre for Literacy.

Student Profile: This program is designed for students who have turned 8 years of age through to those who have not yet turned 12.  Students will have attention and executive function issues. They may or may not have a formal diagnosis of ADHD but their executive function/planning difficulties will be evident to parents, teachers and/or health providers.  Most program participants will have a co-existing condition of learning disabilities, though this is not critical for acceptance. Children must be committed to improving their ability to be more flexible and organized and parents must be committed to supporting their child’s skills development.

Program Focus

Using age appropriate games and exercises, students will be presented with information to help them:

  • handle unexpected events
  • cope with disappointment and frustration
  • keep an open mind
  • navigate disagreements with friends
  • set and achieve goals
  • distinguish a “big deal” from a “little deal”
  • learn how to compromise
  • create a Plan B when Plan A doesn’t work



Megan CroppedThe instructor for the Executive Skills class will be Megan Boonstra.

Megan has worked with elementary aged children at the Centre with language based learning disabilities, attention issues and apraxia.  She is a highly positive teacher who consistently demonstrates an ability to connect with children who may be anxious or difficult to reach.

Megan is also an accomplished scholar, as evidenced by being awarded the Roger S. Smith Undergraduate Research Award in Education in 2015.  Megan intends to build upon her Education Degree by obtaining a Masters Degree in Speech-Language.

Megan currently provides one on one support to elementary aged children at the Centre who have language based learning challenges.