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Our Beliefs

Here are some important beliefs and values that guide the way we work at the Centre for Literacy.

  • Every student is capable of learning and progressing.
  • Being kind to each other is important.
  • Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity.
  • Professionals have a responsibility to:
    • dedicate time and energy to professional development
    • do their best to be great communicators
    • work in a positive collaborative manner with students, families, teachers, health providers and others
  • The way in which each of us learns is complex. There is no magic fix or pill that can be taken to eliminate learning challenges. But, there is a large tool chest of interventions and methods backed by sound scientific research which can be used.
  • Literacy of all types is an important foundation for life long success.
  • We are entrusted to support people who have learning challenges and that trust is accompanied by a responsibility to do our absolute best, every time.