About the Centre

Our Beliefs: Learn more about the beliefs that guide us in the work we do at the Centre for Literacy.

Our Approach: Learn about our Service Delivery Model for support of students who struggle with learning.

Our Team: Learn about our team of professionals who deal directly with students who struggle.

Our History: Learn more about our rich history.



This website contains information solely for the purpose of telling you about  the services offered at The Centre for Literacy, and to help you decide if The  Centre for Literacy might be an appropriate source of help for you or your  child. The information on this website  is not intended to provide or replace proper …

Our Approach

The service and support each student receives at the Centre for Literacy will be different based on their strengths, talents and unique needs. However, the approach or service delivery model used to customize a learning plan for each student will be similar. Click here for more detailed description about each phase and step for support of the …

Our Beliefs

Here are some important beliefs and values that guide the way we work at the Centre for Literacy. Every student is capable of learning and progressing. Being kind to each other is important. Everyone deserves to be treated with respect and dignity. Professionals have a responsibility to: dedicate time and energy to professional development do …

Our History

The Founder: Sylvia Hannah The Centre for Literacy was founded in 1990 by Reading Specialist, Sylvia Hannah. Sylvia Hannah believed strongly that all students were capable of learning and thriving. Her career path has demonstrated a continuing commitment to supporting students who struggle in a variety of different ways. She began the Centre as a …

Our Team

Owner/Executive Director Kathryn Burke Centre Coordinator Jackie Soprovich & Roberta Lapointe (Job Share) Consultant/Teacher Yvonne Stern Marcia Langenberg Administrative and Curricular Support Kyle Reid Seth Krahn Greg Thomas Teachers More Information Coming Soon